‘Dinosaurs are extinct.’

‘Dinosaurs could be omnivores, carnivores or herbivores’.


‘I like history.’

‘We have learned about old and new things and matched them up.’

‘Victorian homes were built a long time ago.’

‘The baths we have now are a similar shape to the baths used in Victorian homes.’

Year 1

‘We learn about the past using slides of artefacts that archaeologists have found.’

‘History is very enjoyable because if you’re born after 2000, you know about the last 20 years.’

‘History is interesting.’

Year 3

‘We can find out about the past using the internet, books, records or artefacts.’

‘In history, it’s really good to learn about things that have happened in the past.’

‘In history, it’s interesting to know about how the world has changed.’

Year 4

‘To find out about the past, we can use PowerPoints, videos and teacher’s research.’

‘I like it when we do drama in history.’

‘In Year Four, we learnt about the Blitz, Maya and Ancient Greeks’

‘If we do the same activities as those in the past, we can learn more about them.’

Year 5

‘So far during our learning on the Tudors, we have learnt about the monarchy, Hampton Court and Henry’s VIII’s six wives.’

‘I enjoyed guessing what the Tudor artefact is.’

‘I love history at our school.’

‘History is interesting.’

Year 6