At SMSP, we are committed to providing high quality PE and sport to all children. We recognise the significant impact PE and sport can have on a child’s health and self-esteem, and consequently on their passion to learn.

Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum. All children are required to take part in Games, Gymnastics and Dance to develop physical skills and agility, and encouraged to develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our P.E. provision aims to

  • Develop specific sporting skills;
  • Develop good control and coordination;
  • Enable participation in a range of physical activities;
  • Enable participation in competitive sports both in and outside the school;
  • Improve physical and emotional wellbeing;
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem;
  • Increase fitness and an awareness of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Improve social and communication skills;
  • Improve organisation and self-discipline;
  • Encourage fun and enjoyment.

We encourage children to be healthy and active every day. All children experience a wide range of sports and activities, both indoors and outdoors, so that there is provision for all. From the start of their education at SMSP, children are expected to be actively involved in their learning and our children in Early Years have continuous access to a large Outdoor Learning area. In Key Stage 1, we focus on fundamental movement skills, balance and co-ordination including ball skills and team building. In Key Stage 2, we work on a broader range of skills including developing collaboration and an awareness of individual progress and competition.

We use the GetSet4PE Programme to support the teaching of PE. We help children to understand the physical skills or agility, balance and co-ordination required for different sports and activities, and we support their development in the cognitive, emotional, personal and creative aspects of PE. Life skills of co-operation, competition, endurance, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, teamwork and a desire to keep fit and healthy for future well-being are developed, making particular links to learning in Maths, Science and PSHE.

We are lucky to have a number of partnerships with local sporting organisations. The children are frequently able to receive professional sporting tuition, encouraging them to try new sports.

Indoor PE

Indoor sports that are taught include dance, gymnastics and use of the apparatus in both the Large and Small Halls.

Swimming is taught to children in Year 3 and 4 in a block of ten lessons aiming for all children to develop their confidence, an appreciation of safety and an ability to swim competently over at least 25 metres.

Outdoor PE

During outdoor PE, children are taught to apply their PE skills to many different sports and games, including hockey, netball and basketball, cricket, football and athletics. Children are also encouraged to use their understanding of skills and strategies to create their own strategy games.

The school is fortunate to have a large playing field and a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) for sporting activities. Children have two hours PE time each week which is divided into one hour outdoor games and a second hour which is used for gymnastics, swimming and dance at different times of the year. In games lessons, children learn the skills to take part in team games and to develop their individual abilities.

Beyond the school day

Children have many opportunities to participate in sporting clubs and competitive tournaments and competitions. Clubs run by school include football, netball, cricket, hockey, tag rugby and running. In addition, clubs for basketball, tennis, dance and kaizen martial arts are provided by subject specialists.

During the course of their time at SMSP the children will have the opportunity to compete in many of the organised competitive events within the Borough, e.g. netball and basketball competitions, girls’ and boys’ football matches, annual swimming gala, cross country, athletics and cricket tournaments.

For information about the Sports Premium spending please see the Sports Premium page.