At SMSP we believe the Arts play a vital role in underpinning a well-rounded education. From Reception to Year 6, children are given opportunities to access a broad range of high-quality art experiences and we actively encourage art to be used as a form of expression for all children.

We encourage children to develop their creativity and imagination through learning different skills and techniques. Children are introduced to a wide variety of creative forms including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and printing, and they are taught to use materials and tools with precision and care.

In Reception, children are given continuous access to different media, such as modelling, painting, drawing, cameras and chalk as well as a supply of natural products such as pine cones, shells, stones and leaves.
Sketch books, for children to record and experiment in, are used throughout the school. They are also used to track progression and skills development. Rich and varied displays throughout the school showcase and celebrate the development and progression in learning.

In addition to regular Art lessons, the whole school has a yearly Curriculum Week. This is a week in which the children are fully immersed in the Arts to explore the chosen topic. Previous topics have included ‘There’s Only One You’, ‘Britain through the Decades’ and ‘Radical Geometry’.

Children also learn to appreciate works of art and use artistic language to describe paintings, sculptures and other art forms. We regularly enrich our Art curriculum with visits to London’s art galleries and make direct links to a wide variety of art forms through class topics.