We understand and are committed to the development of the whole child, (spiritually, academically and physically) and believe the Arts play a vital role in underpinning a well-rounded education. Throughout each child’s school life, they are given opportunities to access a broad range of high-quality experiences in all Arts subjects on a regular basis (including Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Creative Writing, D&T). There are also regular opportunities for all children to perform or demonstrate their skills in a range of media.

In addition to regular Art lessons, the whole school also has a yearly Curriculum Week. This is an off-curriculum week in which the children are fully immersed in the Arts to explore the chosen topic for that year. Previous topics have included ‘Book Week’, ‘Britain through the Ages’ and ‘In and Around the Water’. This week is part facilitated by generous donations from the school parent body, highlighting the degree of importance they also give to the Arts.

Being a C. of E. school, religion plays a significant role in the daily life of the school. Looking forward, we aim to further develop the cross-curricular links between the Arts and RE because we believe they complement and enhance one another. One way in which we aim to do this is by building in ‘Pause Days’ throughout the year. Teachers will explore this with the children through different Arts activities (eg. Music, Dance, Drama and Art).

Curriculum Content

Throughout their school life, the children have experiences using a wide range of different media. Below is a list of the topics covered in each year group for both Art and D&T. During D&T projects, children develop their understanding of the purpose of a product and will discuss the importance of each aspect of the design. The process involves; testing, evaluating current designs, planning, making products, considering relevant health and safety elements;  and evaluation.

The children have a sketch book which follows them through school. This is used which is used to develop ideas and for them to check their own progress as they move through the school.  This enables the children to reflect and respond to their own work as they mature.


In Reception, children are given continuous access to media which they choose to use as they wish in their learning. For example, they have a modelling area, painting area, drawing, instruments, videos, cameras and chalk as well as a supply of natural products such as pine cones, shells, stones and leaves! These can be used indoors and out, depending upon the purpose and needs of the children. To define their arts work to any greater level would be to limit their ideas and at this stage in their education, creativity is key.

Year 1

Autumn 1: Art-Self-portraits – Use of various media; clay, collage.

Autumn 2: DT – Night & Day mobiles

Spring 1: Art – Investigating materials

Spring 2: DT – Puppets

Summer 1: Art – What is sculpture?

Summer 2: DT – Homes

Year 2

Autumn 1: Art – Mother nature designer.

Autumn 2: DT – Eat more fruit and vegetables

Spring 1: Art – Can buildings speak?

Spring 2: DT – Winding up vehicles

Summer 1: Art – Picture this.

Summer 2: DT –Moving Pictures

Year 3

Autumn 1: Art – Self-portraits, leaf drawing and Modroc Mummy (link with History)

Autumn 2: DT – Pneumatics – Moving Egyptian God

Spring 1: 4 Art – 4 quarters portrait developing skills using different art styles as inspiration

Spring 2: DT – Photo frames and Curriculum Week

Summer 1: Art – Investigating patterns – rainforest animals

Summer 2: DT – Sandwiches

Year 4

Autumn 1: Art Dream Art, surrealists, Magritte (digital media) and Kandinsky

Autumn 2: DT Greek musical instruments and Christmas Pop up cards

Spring 1: Art Journeys – Aboriginal textiles.

Spring 2: DT Food from around the world (bread, pizza, chapattis)

Summer 1: DT Levers and mechanisms Pop-up book for younger children

Summer 2: Art Take a seat, furniture design and upcycling.

Year 5

Autumn 1: Art – Geometry and Art using Inkscape (linked to Computing)

Autumn 2: DT – Biscuits

Spring 1: Art – British Art

Spring 2: DT – Money containers

Summer 1: Art – Sketching and William Morris

Summer 2: DT – Moving toys

Year 6

Autumn 1: Art – Tudor portraits – cross curricular work with History

Autumn 2: DT – Boats

Spring 1: Art – A sense of perspective

Spring 2: DT – Exploring movement and Dance using clay

Summer 1: Art – Isle of Wight views

Summer 2: DT – Slippers