Who are we?

The Friends is the name we give to the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) at SMSP. If you are a parent of a child at the school or a member of staff, you’re automatically a member of the Friends.

The Committee

Felicity Smith (Co-Chair)

I have 2 children at the school and I really enjoyed being a class rep when my youngest was in reception. I was keen to get more involved and I love being part of the Friends. It’s so nice to be able to help raise additional funds that we see being used to benefit the children and the school and it’s a chance to get to know parents across the school. We have great fun at the Friends events and I love the sense of community that they encourage.

Tora Sykes (Co -Chair)

I also have two children in the school- one in the infants and one in the juniors- and having been a class rep in reception decided that chairing the Friends committee with Flic would be a great way to get more involved with our school. My favourite event has to be the School of Rock! The kids always look forward to hearing the teachers perform their warm up act in school too!

Helena Bacon (Secretary)

I have 2 girls at the school and have been a Class Rep twice so far. I love being involved with the Friends – it’s a great way of meeting people and making friends. The events that the Friends organise are always are always brilliant fun and it’s really lovely to know that we are making money for our children’s school along the way.

Helen Shortridge (Treasurer)

I have two boys at SMSP and one joining Pre-School in September so the school is a big part of my life and will continue to be for many more years. I wanted to join the Friends to help support the school further in all its amazing fundraising, get more involved in all the events and work with lots more of the lovely parents at the school. I have been Class rep twice and loved the team work and organization that involved and look forward to the challenge of Treasurer.

What do we do?

The main aim of the Friends is to raise funds to purchase additional equipment and facilities for the school and the children that are not normally paid for by the Local Authority.  We do this via our annual events, each of which is organised by a particular year group. We also aim to promote a sense of community within the school and get together with the class reps and other parents across the school at the Friends meetings, Friends events and other social occasions.

With the help of the class reps we organise seven events each year (one per year group). These include the Christmas and Summer Fairs, a quiz night, School of Rock and a disco for the children. We really welcome input directly from parents so if you have a great idea, please do let us know!

When do we meet?

There are Friends meetings twice a term to discuss events, fund raising and spending. The Friends committee lead the meetings and they are attended by either Ms. Swain or Mrs. Bateman. We encourage the class reps to attend the meetings where possible however they are open to everyone and we would encourage anyone who is interested to come along and find out more / get involved. The dates for the Friends’ meetings are on the school calendar on the website.

How much do we raise and where does the money go?

The past few years the Friends have managed to raise over £30,000 for the school through our fundraising activities which is an amazing achievement and is thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the parents, staff, governors, children and the Friends. In previous years this money has been used to purchase interactive white boards for all the classrooms, laptops, playground equipment, a greenhouse, benches for the playgrounds and a school mini bus. How the money should be spent is discussed and agreed at the Friends meetings so do come along if you would like to be part of this process.

What does a class rep do?

Each class normally has a team of 2-3 reps. Being a class rep is an important and rewarding role as they help build a sense of community among the class parents, and they can help provide the link between the parents and the Friends.

What a Class Rep does:

  • Keeping your fellow parents up to date on trips, MUFTI days, special events and requests from the teachers (for example glue sticks, tissues and boxes for junk modelling) as well as passing on information from Friends meetings
  • Organising Socials for Parents – Class coffee mornings, nights out and picnics are always good fun and a great way for the families in your class to get to know each other better
  • Year Group Event – Every year group is allocated an event and class reps are responsible for coordinating these events and engaging the help of other parents in your class.
  • Maintaining Class Lists – keeping an up to date list of all the children in the class and their parents contact details. It is very important to get everyone’s permission to be added to the list. This is a very handy list for everyone in the class to have, for everything from playdates to emergency pick-up help!
  • Teachers’ Presents – If your class decides it wants to give the teacher a Christmas or end of year present, the class reps will organise this.
  • Next Year’s Reps – talking to other people in your class to try and arrange a new group of reps to take on the role the following year


We welcome your feedback and input. You can contact us on friendscochair@hotmail.com or do feel free to come and chat to us in the playground or at the next Friends meeting.