Children from Years 3 to 6 learn French on a weekly basis. The programme of study enables them to progress through 3 strands of learning; oracy, literacy and intercultural understanding. In addition to this, the children also develop their knowledge about language in general as well as developing a range of language-learning strategies. This provides a basis for children’s future development as language learners.

The children are taught a variety of topics, ranging from numbers and colours to animals, clothes and the weather. French students also visit each year, giving the children a chance to improve their accents and speaking and listening skills. In addition, children learn, first hand, about French culture. They are also provided with opportunities to explore and experience aspects of another culture throughout the school year.

Children in KS1 are also exposed to learning another language. This is predominantly French. Their focus is training the ear to hearing a foreign language. This involves lots of songs, rhymes and stories in French. They also learn about life in another culture.