In History we aim to inspire children’s curiosity about the past in Britain, and the wider world. We consider past societies and their beliefs and actions. In doing so, children develop their concept of time and a chronology of significant periods, people and events.

During Key Stage 1 pupils learn about significant people and lifestyles in the past, and begin to understand how the past is different from the present. This includes a study of toys, homes and the seaside in the past, as well as the Fire of London and Florence Nightingale.

In Key Stage 2 children’s knowledge of different periods, events, people and places is extended through the study of the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Stone Age to Iron Age, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Mayan civilisations and changes in Britain in the 20th Century. Children begin to recognise that the past can be represented and interpreted in different ways, and they begin to develop a notion of change and continuity over time. There is a strong focus on building children’s knowledge of British History in chronological order throughout KS2.

To find out about the past, children are encouraged to carry out research, find evidence and form their own conclusions, through a variety of resources. We are passionate about providing children with the opportunity to use artefacts and primary sources to investigate the past. Equally, we like to use specialist visitors and educational visits to support and enhance the children’s enjoyment and appreciation of History.

Our aim is for many budding Historians to leave SMSP!