‘I like going into the music room and playing instruments like we’re in an orchestra!’

‘It’s calm and nice and peaceful when we listen to music.’

‘I LOVE using the instruments!’

Year 1

‘The great thing about music is we get to do it with our friends.’

‘I like it when we learn different songs from different countries.’

‘I like playing instruments and learning to read the notes and the symbols.’

Year 2

‘Music at our school is amazing because we get to use real instruments and iPads too!’

‘Music is very creative and fun (at SMSP) because you get to express yourself.’

Year 3

‘I enjoy singing and doing the warm ups in our whole-class singing lessons.’

‘I like that we learn about a lot of different genres.’

‘Learning about composers was fun!’

Year 4

‘There’s a big range of music clubs and instrumental lessons you can do.’

‘We loved bucket-drumming!

Year 6