“We played games outside to help us improve our French.”

“I love using our own vocabulary books to help us remember French words.”

“I enjoyed our Celebrations topic.”

“Now I can speak to my Grandma because she speaks French.”

“I like learning new words and breaking them  up to see what they mean.”

“I’m going to speak French when I go on holiday to France!”

Year 3

“I enjoy singing the songs to help us learn French.”

“Lessons are interactive – we get to join in lots and have conversations in French with our friends.”

“The written activities help us to practise and understand French.”

“We start easy and build up what we know.”

“I enjoy the animations at the start of each topic – they help us to understand the vocabulary and by the end of the topic we understand the whole thing, no problem!”

Year 4

“I like French because it challenges me.”

“I enjoy French because it’s fun to compare the difference between English and French.”

“Learning French makes us all equal as we are starting at the same point.”

“It’s exciting because you are learning a new language.”

“​I like exploring other languages and saying different words.”

Year 5

“I like it when we get to work with a partner and talk together in French.”

“It’s good because we don’t just learn how to speak French but about what life is like in France too.”

“We all start knowing nothing and by the end of each topic we know so much!”

Year 6