“I found out that penguins and polar bears live in different places.”

“We use maps to find our houses. They look really different from above!”


“Geography is working with maps and finding out about places around the world.”

Year 2

“Last year we enjoyed learning about the rainforest and the animals which live there. I didn’t know how endangered their habitat was.”

“Greenpeace came to talk to us about rainforests and we found out different ways we can help save them.”

Year 4

“In each year group we have our own country to study. We have been learning about Italy and noticing how it is different to England.  I even have an Italian pen pal who I write to at school. “

Year 5

“We have had so many fun trips.  In Year 4, we went to Sayers Croft and learnt all about orienteering. Last year we went to ‘School on the River’ and learnt about Teddington loch.  We tested the water to see how clean it was.”

Year 6