‘It is really fun because we get to design covers for our dice rolling app.’

‘We have been learning how to use variables in coding.’

‘We get to test the app we have built on the school phones.’

‘We were learning about online safety as we were playing the games.’

‘We can make our own code and we have the freedom to choose which blocks we use. We are not always told what it does so we have to work things out by using it!’

Year 6

‘I like how we were able to make our volcanoes personal to us.’

‘I liked the flexibility when we were creating our own volcanoes.’

‘I like computing because we do a variety of different things every term rather than just coding. This term we are learning about different forms of communication.’

Year 5

‘I like Scratch.’

‘We are creating an educational game on Scratch. It’s fun when we do the buttons and we can then play the game.’

‘I like doing coding and creating my own characters. They are called Sprites.’ ‘

I really liked the ‘Isle of Tune’. You get to make a road and put in houses, trees, plants and lamp posts. When you click on the item it changes colour and plays a tune. You can make up your own song.’

Year 4

‘We get to fix bugs and we see how they work. We have a look at the code and try to figure out what is wrong with it.’

‘I like how we get to make our own things on Scratch. In the first term we had to make our own picture of ‘Why does the chicken cross the road?’’

Year 3

‘I like drawing pictures on the computer.’

‘In Year 1, you could paint pictures on the computer – you could paint whatever you want.’

‘I like creating things on ‘Scratch’.’
‘We are learning about things in the past – they didn’t have Netflix.’

‘We are learning about the World Wide Web and also who invented it – Sir…. Sir Tim… I know it’s Tim … Berners-Lee …yes, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.’

Year 2

‘My favourite lesson is computing.’

‘I like it when we play games like Charlie Chimp. We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe on the computer. If something happens you can go and tell a trusted adult. You can also switch it off and then tell an adult.’

We have been videoing the story of Little Red Riding Hood and putting in sound effects.

Year 1

‘We are watching the Pandas on the big screen. They are in a zoo in China. We are watching them because we are learning all about Chinese New Year.’

‘We listen to music and stories. Three people can listen at a time. We listen to the Hare and the Tortoise.’