‘We’ve been learning about different types of lines.’

​’We’ve been drawing fruit.’

‘When I grow up, I will be able to use art.’

‘Some new words we have learnt are zig-zag, wavy and diagonal.’

‘I liked Bridget Riley’s art.’

‘I like looking at other children’s art and the displays in the school.’

Year 1

‘We have been sketching and making our art look more realistic.’

‘There is no right or wrong way in art.’

‘You should try your best and not worry.’

‘We have been paint-smushing.’

‘Artists I have enjoyed are Tom Percival and Kandinsky.’

Year 4

‘We have been using different techniques in art.’

‘It is a good way to express yourself and express your feelings if you don’t want to talk.’

‘I find it relaxing, creative and fun.’

‘In summer, we do some art outside.’

‘Some things I find tricky – like drawing self portraits.’

‘I like to look back through my sketchbook.’

‘Some artists I remember looking at are Picasso, Banksy, Van Gogh and Jean-Michel Basquiat.’

Year 6