Our day at parliament was really fun and educational. We learned many fun facts about the building, like the fact that the Queen actually has an elevator when she’s feeling lazy. But it is not actually that glamorous. There were some more facts we learnt, like when a new law is made it is put in a big tower, and there is a chair which no one has sat in since Queen Victoria. It was a really fun day.

Louis 6R

This week school council (years 3-6) and the house captains went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament. In the morning, we had an incredible tour and we got to see the House of Lords, Westminster Hall and the many other interesting rooms. In the afternoon, we had a workshop, and we got to speak to our MP, Munira Wilson.

Emily 6RO

On Wednesday 25th May, the school council, years three to six, and house captains went to the Houses of Parliament in London. It was very factual and fun, especially when we went to Westminster Hall, which is 1000 years old. We also went into the House of Lords, sadly not the House of Commons as it was in use, which was great, but we were not allowed to sit down because you had to be invited to sit. At the end of the trip, we met our Local MP, Munira Wilson and asked her questions.

Phoebe 6C

The School Council of years 3-6 and the house captains were extremely fortunate to visit the Houses of parliament. It was a remarkable trip.

My favourite room in the Houses of Parliament is the House of Lords. As I pushed open the colossal, wooden door, it was filled with soft and luxurious red benches. We even got to stand and touch the benches.
I learnt that the throne in the House of Lords is made out of real gold. Also, the Lords and Baronesses are selected by the prime minister!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip and the best one yet.

Carina 6C