This term, the school council set up a drop in surgery in each playground to meet with anyone who had ideas as to how to make the school a better place or to raise any other issues that may have been worrying them. The school council then discussed how some of the issues could be addressed.

Key suggestions/ issues and solutions were as follows:

Toilets – toilet rolls/ cleanliness/ taps not working properly/ soap not filled up
Solution – School council met with school premises manager to communicate issues and talk about resolutions. Regular checks, rolls replaced, soap refilled and cleaner at lunchtimes. Taps have now been fixed and the children will let Mrs Peach know if there are any further maintenance issues so that the premises managers can fix them. The children have reported that some of the hand dryers are not working and this has also been fed back to the premises managers. School council will also be making posters to remind children to keep the toilets tidy.

Bins get full in the playground
Solution – premises managers will keep a closer eye on how many times these are emptied.

Litter in the playground
Solution – School council have suggested that litter pickers could be bought so that either eco-warriors or litter picking advocates could do this each lunchtime in each playground. Eco team have been emailed.

Playtimes – playground buddies
Pre-covid there were year 5 Buddies in the playground. Can they be reinstated now? Could there also be more buddies, possibly from year 6 as they didn’t get to do this last year?
Solution- School council met with Ms Colenso to discuss this. An audit of the equipment in the buddy shed was suggested and this will happen soon.

Playground – more equipment to play with and some quiet zones/ friendship benches
Solution – School council spoke to Ms Colenso about these and everyone is thinking of ideas as to how the school can look after equipment if new items are bought. School council will discuss this at the next meeting, as well as ways in which money can be raised for playground equipment.