School council have been very busy over the last half term. Here are some of the things they have been doing:

School dinners – The children are enjoying different themed days, the next one being for the Platinum Jubilee Celebration. 

Buddies – They met with Ms Colenso and completed an audit of the equipment in the buddy shed. School council then asked The Friends for some funds to buy some much needed new equipment. Based on the lists that were generated from the class questionnaires on behaviour day, the equipment has been bought and the children are now enjoying it at break times. 

Equipment advocates – To ensure that the equipment is taken care of and returned properly to the KS2 buddy shed, Year 6 have created some new advocate roles to help with this. The Year 5 buddies will ensure that the KS1 equipment will be used and kept properly.

Parliament – We have a trip to the houses of Parliament planned. Watch this space for photos and a recount of our trip!

Toilets – They have made posters to encourage everyone to keep the toilets tidy. You can see their posters in the gallery below.

New Playground Equipment – There was a school assembly to encourage the children to look after the equipment and to play carefully and sensibly with it, including taking turns and being inclusive.

School council interviewed children in KS1 and KS2 playgrounds to see what they thought about the new lunchtime play equipment. Here’s what they said:

Jamie: ‘I like it because lots of the old equipment went missing so there was not a lot left!’
Arlo: ‘ I love it because I can practise my rugby skills at playtime.’
Julien: ‘I love the new equipment because I like throwing the soft balls and because I like playing with the hula hoops.’

Finn: ‘ The new equipment is awesome!’
Elena: ‘I like it because it means we can do lots of different activities.’
Theo: ‘I love the space hoppers best.’

In the KS1 playground, Year 5 buddies take out the equipment, play with the infant children and then safely put the equipment away again at the end of play.

In the KS2 playground, Year 6 are looking after the playground equipment (which is kept in the buddy shed) and have created a new advocate role for this task. The advocates have to take out the equipment at the beginning of each lunchtime play and put it away carefully at the end.