Ravi Kothakota our Safeguarding Governor met with some children and asked them some questions about “Staying safe at SMSP”.

Do you like being pupils at SMSP?

A resounding


What do you like about SMSP?

“It’s friendly”

“The teachers are great”

“We enjoy playtime and being with our friends”

“We like all the clubs and activities”

“We really like the school trips”

“The learning”

What do you feel it means to be safe in school?

“It means being cared for by teachers and adults”

“Knowing you are okay when your teachers are around”

“It means being protected from outsiders – either in person or online”

Why do teachers stand at the gate when you arrive and go home?

“To say hello and goodbye each day”

“To ensure no one tries to enter the school who shouldn’t”

“To check who you are leaving or arriving with”

“To make sure everything is okay”

Who can you speak to if something is worrying you?

“We can speak to our class teachers”

“We can speak to any adult in school”

Can you tell me anything about bullying at SMSP?

“It’s quite often words that make you feel bad”

“Sometimes we feel the teachers get too involved and it becomes quite serious, but they do get it sorted”

“There is bullying sometimes but it always gets sorted out”

How does the school encourage you to look after your emotional and mental health?

“We use worry boxes and worry monsters”

“Zones of regulation meaning we have lists of things we can do to help us feel better”

“Being involved in fun activities”

Can you tell me anything about the school that encourages you to respect people from other backgrounds and treat everyone equally?

“We use ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe” in lessons and around school.”

“We have buddies for new pupils – there are always lots of volunteers”

“We learn about life skills and being safe in our PSHE Lessons and Junior Citizens”

“We do special activities for when pupils leave the school to make them feel special”

“School trips to visit other places and see and learn different things”

Is there anything else you can tell me about safety at SMSP?

“SMSP is really kind and welcoming”

“Safety on trips is really important and the teachers really make sure we are looked after”