All club bookings and payments have moved online or via email and each club will have their own system. Bookings will be on a first come first served basis!

Please be aware that some clubs will be available for booking as soon as you receive the information and others will have an online “Live” time and date from when you can make a booking.   Not all clubs will be available and numbers will be limited.

Music tuition is offered through the Richmond Music Trust through which children can learn to play a good selection of instruments including, piano, keyboard, guitar, flute, violin and singing. Contact the Richmond Music Trust direct for further information on 020 8538 3866.

Summer Clubs 2021

Click the links to get the application form and more information for each club.

Timetable of Clubs Summer 2021

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

(Before School)

Y6 Basketball Y5 Basketball


Y3 to Y6 Real Runners

Y5 Just Relax

Y2 Dragon Drama

Y3 and Y4 Tennis 

Y3 to Y6 Football

Y4 Netball

Y3 Dance

Y1 Dragon Drama

Y2 Gymnastics

Y3 Relax Kids

Y5 Art

Y5 Netball

Y4 Drama “On-Stage Now”

Y1 Kiddy Cook

Y2 Tag Rugby

Y3 Tag Rugby

Y5 Drama “On-Stage Now”

Y6 Click Photography

Y4 Gymnastics

Y2 Kiddy Cook

Y4 Tag Rugby

Y5 Tag Rugby

Y6 Tag Rugby

Y3 and Y4 Basketball