‘I learnt about how when God picked Mary, she was calm.’

‘I liked learning about when Jesus was born in the stable.’

‘I liked learning about Jesus’ miracles. He kept picking food out of the basket.’


‘I liked learning about Judaism. Instead of the Bible, they have the Torah and instead of going to church, they go to the Synagogue. They have Challah bread.’

‘I like learning about different religions because I like learning about what other people believe.’

‘We are learning about Noah’s Ark. I know the story so I answer lots of questions.’

Year 1

‘I liked the Moses’ lesson. It was really fun. We got to learn about the story of Moses.’

‘I liked writing my New Year’s resolution during our lesson on Rosh Hashanah which is the start of the Jewish year.’

‘I liked learning about the Lost Sheep when we looked at stories Jesus told.’

Year 2

‘I like learning about Jesus and enjoy thinking about God. In RE we learn about different religions. We learnt about Jesus’ miracles. I enjoyed comparing the feeding of the 5000 and when Jesus turned water into wine.’

‘I enjoy when we find out about different religions. We learnt about Hinduism. I learnt that Hindus have to take off their shoes when they go to the Hindu temple.’

‘I liked learning about Hinduism and how they make Rakhi bracelets for each other. I especially liked learning about what happens at a Mandir. They ring the bell to tell the gods that they are there.’

‘I can share my ideas and opinions in RE.’

Year 3

‘I enjoyed it when we were taught about Jesus’ wise words because they help me in my daily life. We learnt about the ‘I am’ sayings. My favourite was ‘I am the good shepherd’ because Jesus is referring to us as the sheep and himself as the shepherd and it shows he helps us.’

‘I enjoy learning about Jesus, God and other religions. I especially enjoyed learning about a story called ‘The Angry Woman’ during our Islam topic because we got to act out different parts of the story.’

‘At the Mosque, I looked at the Arabic alphabet and wrote my name in Arabic. It was a bit tricky because you had to read from right to left.’

‘We found out how to find parts of the Bible. It was hard at first and then it was easy.’

Year 4

‘I like that I can learn about not just Christianity but all religions. I especially enjoyed learning about Hindus. I learnt that there are many forms of God. I like the fact that I can write about what I think.’

‘I liked learning about the Jewish Mezuzah in Year 4. I liked it when we got to make our own ones.’

‘I like that there are different religions and that we learn about all of the religions. I particularly enjoyed learning about when Abram trusted God and when God changed Abram and Sarai’s names.’

Year 5

‘I love how the teachers explain about each religion and the beliefs of that faith. I like how RE looks at all of the religions and not just Christianity. It is always fun when we ask questions and explore the answers. It is fun understanding more about the people of different religions.’

‘I find it interesting to learn about other religions. It’s a chance to learn something new. I enjoyed learning about Buddhism.’

‘I get the opportunity to share my ideas.’

Year 6