School Meals

Spring Menu 2019


About Radish  Catering

Radish is an independent specialist catering company based in Surrey who have a great deal of experience in catering to primary schools. Their emphasis is on fresh food cooked with care and skill, they endeavour to be environmentally friendly and use sustainable sources. Pride have a portfolio of over 30 clients, success being measured in clients renewing their contracts year after year.


Healthy Meals for Our Healthy School

Radish’s Catering menus have plenty of variety and they have designed their menus around familiar and tasty dishes that are popular with primary school aged children. They use a computer program called Nutmeg to ensure that all their menus follow the government nutritional guidelines.


Their Aim

Radish’s aim is simply to serve delicious freshly prepared quality foods at the best possible value for money. They have a passion for food and they want you to enjoy it.


Soil Association Food For Life

Radish have a wealth of experience in delivering the Food For Life objectives. If you are interested in further information you can find it on They are applying for their silver Catermark at St Mary’s and St Peter’s, this mark shows their commitment as a company to local produce and food of the highest welfare standards. We will keep you updated on their progress.


More About Our Menus

Each term they will have a new seasonal fresh food menu. Their menus have lots of choice and include something for everyone:-

  • A Hot Main Protein Dish
  • A Vegetarian Dish
  • A Filled Jacket Potato either hot or cold
  • A Selection of Salads from our salad bar
  • A choice of two vegetables and a carbohydrate choice


Their Values

Radish have values regarding the food that they serve and the produce that they buy. Some of their values are:-

  • Only use free range eggs
  • Rapeseed-Oil is used, this is collected when old and recycled again for bio oil
  • Only organic milk is served
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Organic Beef from Hampshire
  • No hydrogenated fats or additives
  • Fresh vegetables

Please remember to write in if you wish to cancel your child’s school meal a week in advance if you pay weekly or a half term in advance if you pay half termly.