Sports Premium

At SMSP we aim to:

  • Encourage children to lead healthy and physically active lives
  • Develop an awareness of how eating healthily and being physically active are important
  • Encourage children to participate in a number of sporting activities, developing a sense of self awareness of their own skills as an individual and as part of a team
  • Give children the opportunity to try and participate in a number of different sporting activities
  • Encourage children to be active participants in their own sporting development
  • Enable children to compete in a variety of activities at intra and inter school level

The school has used its Sport Premium funding to become part of the Richmond Sports Premium SLA, enabling us to become members of both the Youth Sports Trust and the Association for Physical Education. This will support us in our goal to improve the quality of P.E. provision throughout the school through further staff training opportunities, and to increase the quantity and range of sport on offer at our school. We have also used the Sport Premium to increase links with local sporting clubs in the community, inviting skilled professionals to work alongside our staff in each year group to offer high quality, technically astute sports and skills coaching to all children as well as simultaneously developing the skills of our current teaching staff.

Further funding has been spent on specific training and resources that focus on the teaching of core movement skills that underpin all future learning in PE lessons and extra-curricular activities. Clubs have been started that target particular groups of children to improve all round motor function, increase self-esteem and levels of participation in activity. The school has also been able to further supplement the sports equipment and resources. To see the breakdown of the school’s Sport Premium expenditure please see below.

Impact and long-term sustainability

The funding has and is being used to provide greater opportunities for engagement in sport and physical activity.  Being part of the Richmond Sports Premium service level agreement and the other partnerships has successfully enabled us to engage in sporting activities with other schools and has increased the amount of expertise to both train staff and provide wider opportunities for children. Whilst we have had numerous success in competitions, these have all had the outcome of encouraging pupil participation and enjoyment of sport.

Funding for staff training, using specific experts in their fields is targeted to individual year group needs and provides specific and bespoke training to improve staff subject knowledge and teaching capability.

Funding for equipment such as the KS2 trim trail has encouraged engagement throughout the key stage. Children enjoying active play and physical challenges has resulted in greater enjoyment of sport and activity. New line markings in the multi-use games area (MUGA) and the playgrounds have increased opportunities for teaching a variety of sports activities.

The updating of basic equipment for PE and sports has enabled the children to work with good quality equipment and developed a further sense of pride in their sporting activities.

All these activities set patterns and expectations for the future and embed a culture of sport and activity which combined with our many low-cost activities, such as the Daily Mile, provides a long-term sustainable future for PE and Sports in the school.

Sports Premium Analysis Academic Year 2018/19  
Balance Carried Forward 2017/18 11,768.08
Income – Estimated 531 pupils Years 1-6  
Pending Dec 2018 12,430.83
Pending May 2019 8,879.17
Expenditure planned  
Sports Partnership (RSSP) 1,300.00
Sports & Fitness SLA (LBRUT) 400.00
Borough Sports (Estimate) 200.00
Badminton Equipment 357.86
Ball Pumps 111.62
Basketball Equipment 459.97
Football Goals 269.98
Stopwatches (20) 383.40
Storage Trolley 399.95
Various Resources 104.83
Tennis Balls 66.95
Howlers(10) 139.90
Footballs 75.00
Dance workshops for Curriculum week 1,000.00
Upgrading of bicycle rack 900.00
Sporting library books 200.00
Resources for  BC and ASC sporting 500.00
Bounce boards 1,000.00
new team tracksuits 1,200.00
Field and track maintenance 2,000.00
Staff training by specialists 4,000.00
Replacement trim trail 14,427.00
House rewards- circus skills 250.00
new hall benches 1,000.00
Balance Available   2,331.62
Sports Premium Analysis Academic Year 2017/18  
Dec-17 12,273.00
May-18 8,767.00
Football Kit Logo Printing 25.00
Hockey Balls 71.00
Netballs, Dodgeballs, Quoits 260.78
Supply 173.00
Supply 178.00
Supply 178.00
Sports Partnership (RSSP)
Sports & Fitness SLA (LBRUT)
Borough Sports 200.00
Sports Day Costs 251.18
Equipment Safety Inspection 57.50
Equipment Repairs 213.66
Rugby Equipment 131.95
Equipment – Markers, Dodgeballs, Tennis Balls, Storage, Balance Boards, Skipping Ropes 469.61
Steppers & Tunnels 2,144.75
Portable Gazebos & Fixings 176.88
PE Cupboard Materials 92.61
Sports Partnership (RSSP) 1,300.00
Sports & Fitness SLA (LBRUT) 400.00
Items Pending    
Playground Markings 2,948.00
Balance Carried Forward to 2018/19   11,768.08

Swimming Capacity*:

Year 6 pupils who can:
swim at least 25 metres confidently 72
Use a range of strokes effectively 62
Perform self-rescue in different water – based activities 34

*This data is based on pupil’s own self-assessment. Total = 90 pupils