The school’s breakfast and after school club provides out of school care for children at the school and is based within the school grounds. The club operates 5 days per week during term time from 8.00am till 8.55am and 3.15pm and 6.00pm.

It is paramount to us that your children are safe at all times and therefore it is essential that we have clear routines in place for handover of pupils at the start and the end of each day.

At Breakfast Club parents need to buzz at the side gate (by the reception area) and wait for a staff member to respond and acknowledge the parent is dropping their child off. The gate will be released and the parent should walk the child into Breakfast club and handover to a staff member.  At 8.50am the staff will take the infant children to their classes and send the juniors to their year group classroom where a member of staff is present to receive them.

At After school club infant children are brought to the ASC room and juniors will walk to it independently.  A register is taken soon after their arrival. If a child is not attending the ASC on a particular day the parent is asked to phone the main school office to inform the ASC staff. (registers are adapted each day accordingly). Parents collect their children any time up until 6pm, they need to press the buzzer on the side gate where they wait for a member of staff to buzz them in once they have recognised the adult or spoken to them on the intercom. Parents must not collect after 6pm. If there is an unforeseen emergency they must call the ASC mobile immediately to inform the staff.