School Council

What we do?

Being a school councillor is being the voice of your classes and the school.

In school council we help the school make decisions by collecting information from each class and holding votes. Once we collect the information from each class we report it back and share the information in the meetings. We hold meetings every Tuesday.

We also have a chair, vice chair and a secretary who were voted in by the school council members.

The chair holds the meetings with Mrs Bateman, the vice chair does this job when the chair is not in and the secretary writes down any of the ideas that the children have.

Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities as school councillors are to always behave well because we are role models to the other children.

We also must be organised and always be at the meetings on time.

We need to respect other people’s ideas and listen to everyone no matter what age or gender.

We must be confident in speaking out loud and not be afraid of sharing our ideas.
We must be committed to school council and not forget to pass on any messages.


By Daisy, Arton and Bilal


We are awaiting a date for a meeting with Councillor Stephen Knight to discuss issues such as; democracy , local and general elections and British values of democracy.


We also have a trip to the Houses of Parliament booked for the Year 3-6 school Councillors on Tuesday 21st April 2015.


Meeting Cllr Stephen Knight

3rd February 2015

Meeting the Governors          

20th January 2015

Meet the School Councillors