Well done to our new Eco Warriors who started their role well this week by collecting the recycling from their classrooms, keep up the good work.


SAM_2091At SMSP we have a team of Eco Warriors who work hard to look after our school.
They help the school by;
Recycling our paper and cardboard,
Making sure all food waste is recycled in the hall,
Turning lights and whiteboards off when they are not in use,
Closing doors especially in the winter months!



Heres some of the things we have been involved in


Green Day

SAM_2077Last July everyone was dressed in green ready to celebrate their first ‘Green Day’. Throughout the day the children took part in a variety of green activities such as making a scarecrow, having a plastic bag fashion show and designing caterpillars out of egg boxes. A big thanks to those who collected together all of their old clothes and electrical, we received 348 bags in total! We managed to raise £640 in total which has been put towards our wonderful wildlife garden.



KS1 Eco Warriors

Our KS1 Eco Warriors had their first

meeting this year where they became detectives looking for all different types of leaves in our playground. We found 14 types in total and shared our findings with our class.




eco warriors





KS2 Eco Warriors

Our KS2 Eco Warriors have been very busy looking after our school making sure lights are turned off, doors are closed and collecting paper recycling every other Friday.


On Wednesday 9th October our Eco Warriors met the Eco Team from Bishop Perrin to discuss a very exciting new project. We are ‘connecting classrooms’ with schools in South Africa and Namibia. Through this we are planning a sustainable project in our local community and then hoping to share our ideas with the children in Africa.